Competition Law Compliance Policy Statement

Competition Law Compliance Policy Statement

EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited (EPSCO) is dedicated to compliance with Hong Kong's Competition Ordinance and policy regime, which promote fair competition and a level playing field for the benefit of both businesses and consumers in Hong Kong.

As a reputable brand in Hong Kong, customers recognise the quality and value of EPSCO's products and services. In this context, promotion of a fair competition environment serves the interests of EPSCO and its customers, as well as the wider community.

Accordingly, compliance with the Competition Ordinance is the responsibility of all EPSCO staff, each of whom also has a key role to play in promoting this policy.

EPSCO agrees at all time to commit to ensuring the highest standards of competition law compliance by adhering in all of its business practices to the principle of fair competition and to ensuring that it does not engage in conduct which is anti-competitive.

In addition to the general commitment of EPSCO and its staff to adhere to all applicable legal requirements, EPSCO and its staff are bound by the following key principles:

  • EPSCO will always maintain its independence in the marketplace and respect the independence of EPSCO's competitors, customers and suppliers.
  • EPSCO will not participate in any form of anti-competitive collusion with competitors that may lead, in particular, to price-fixing, market sharing, bid rigging or output restrictions.
  • EPSCO will not exchange competitively sensitive information or engage in discussions that may lead to the co-ordination of competitive behavior and, in particular, will not share information about current or future pricing intentions or any element that might affect prices or pricing practice.
  • EPSCO will not impose restrictive conditions on trading partners which are anti-competitive and unlawful, or accept the imposition of such conditions on EPSCO.

EPSCO staff are required to adhere to these key principles at all times, and to use these key principles to guide their decision-making and conduct.

As absolute compliance with competition law is of primary importance for EPSCO, EPSCO will endeavour to ensure that competition law compliance will be achieved through implementing effective competition compliance policies and guidelines throughout its business.