Be EPS Merchant


The benefits that EPS brings to your business

Low Service Charge

For a small commission on the value of each transaction, can enjoy a variety of benefits offered by EPS. What's more, the terminals and installation come free of charge.

Cashless and Risk-free Transaction

Funds are transferred electronically without any physical exchange of cash, making it a safer way to do business.

Fast Fund Reimbursement

All funds are reimbursed on a same day basis, so there will be no accumulation of debt, which enables you to enhance your cash flow and improve business operations.

Cost Saving

Avoid hidden costs such as manpower, security and bank charges incurred by cash transactions.

Greater Convenience, Better Business

EPS transactions are simple and quick and confirmation is given instantly.

Our Service

The cash-less payment system provides merchants with a risk-free, efficient and economical way of settling transactions. It offers a host of benefits such as safety and improved business efficiency, among others.

EPS is easy to use and at the same time extremely secure. It reduces the amount of cash to be kept in the premises. Since funds are credited directly into your account, it eliminates the need to physically transfer money to the bank. It also provides you with a more economical way to run your business, helping you to reduce security and manpower costs.


Counter Payment

EPS POS terminals can be installed over merchants' counter and operated by the cashier.

We offer a wide range of terminals to suit different business needs. We also provide a new Wireless Payment Terminal (GPRS terminal) for exhibitions in HK convention & Exhibition Centre and Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

Kiosk Payment

Besides making EPS transactions at the cashier, we can coordinate with merchants to develop stand-alone self-service kiosks located at merchants' retail outlets.