EPS was awarded East Week Eco-brand Award for 2016

East Week magazine's "Eco-brands Awards 2016" salutes companies for caring about environmental issues, sharing 'green' messages and taking measurable steps to preserve the world's precious natural resources. Winners are selected by professional judging panels, and public online voting. EPS was honored to be recognized for its active commitment to its urban greening project.

EPS iDO's core value has always been bringing a different kind of spending method to the public and encouraging everyone to plant trees in order to build a cleaner, greener Hong Kong. In accepting our "Eco-Brand Award" for 2016, we express our heartfelt thanks to local consumers for their recognition and support.

EPS iDO was awarded East Week Hong Kong Service Awards 2015 - Eco-Business Award

The annual "Hong Kong Service Awards" pay tribute to the best performing companies and organizations in Hong Kong, which have proven contribution to the community and widely appreciated by the public. Winners are measured on their enhancement to the living quality, whether they live up to their promise, their innovations, and their dedication to the community.

"EPS iDO" is a commitment to make Hong Kong a better and greener city. Whenever you use EPS, money is automatically donated to plant trees in Hong Kong. This unique mechanism have contributed to the community and at the same time appreciated by the public consumers, which earned EPS the "Hong Kong Service Awards".

EPS iDO was awarded Effie Hong Kong Sustained Success (2 years) Merit Award 2014

Effie Awards Hong Kong, organized by the HK4As, is a celebration of creative and effective advertising. This award is regarded as the most significant award in advertising/marketing industry as winners are measured by their marketing effectiveness.

EPS iDO's campaign objective is to transform the brand perception and motivate usage among young people. Beside the joy of spending, EPS iDO also promotes a commitment for a greener Hong Kong. With the unique style, along with our TVC stars Jan Lamb and Charlene Choi, this campaign resulted in high brand and ad awareness in 2013 and 2014. The usage of EPS after the launch of this campaign has increased.

TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards

TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Award is hosted by TVB and awarded based on public voting. It is our honor that our TVCs have proved so effective that they have now received the "Most Popular TV Commercial Award" for 4 years running.

EPS EasyCash was awarded TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2016

The commercial "Hurry But No Rush" stars everybody's favorite couple, Sean Lau and Amy Kwok. While the pair hasn't worked together on screen for several years, they couldn't wait to delight their fans by once again appearing on TV. This time around, Amy is rushed off her feet, while Sean remains calm and confident. This commercial makes clever use of a much-loved catchphrase amongst Hong Kong people: "Hurry But No Rush". These words not only mirror our home city's non-stop pace but also stress the advantage of EPS EasyCash - convenient and fast service. Letting you spend and withdraw cash simultaneously, EPS EasyCash saves its users plenty of precious time.

EPS EasyCash was awarded TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2013

Entitled 'Spots', our most recent TVC stars Jan Lamb and shows EPS EasyCash's extensive coverage across Hong Kong. With over 2,500 outlets, making simultaneous shopping and cash withdrawal really has never been easier! Leveraging our humorous style, our TVC uses intriguing plays on words and props to make familiar place names seem fresher. A huge hit with viewers, Jan's side-splitting performance helped make the TVC even more memorable.

EPS EasyCash was awarded TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2011

EPS EasyCash is the unique service that enables users to make purchases and cash withdrawals with just one transaction. The creative concept here was inspired by hot gossip about the amazing similarity between Jan Lamb and Lai Mang from Rubberband! In dramatizing the pair's remarkable resemblance, we increased awareness of the perfect synergy of our unique two-in-one service! Best of all, the re-edited version of the song from the TVC helped further heighten interest levels by adding extra impact to our message!

EPS EasyCash was awarded TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2008

EPS EasyCash's 2008 'Is Softhard Perfectly Tuned?' TVC saw dynamic 'Softhard' celebrity duo, Jan Lamb and Eric Kot, showing the public how to 'shop and withdraw cash in one simple step'. Only problem was, the fun-loving twosome couldn't decide whether shopping or cash withdrawal should come first! Happily, EPS EasyCash's service rode to the rescue with a trailblazing 'Softhard' approach that lets every user perform both tasks all at once!

Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards

EPS wins at 2010-11 and 2011-12 Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards

EPS was also delighted to be honored in the Corporate Conscience & Social Responsibility Category of the 9th and 10th Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards.

'Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards' are hosted by Yahoo! Hong Kong and in addition to honoring internet users' favorite brands, witness life across Hong Kong pop culture. Supported by public votes, the awards are a unique reflection of Hong Kong's cultural life.

Launched in 2008, our EPS iDO Urban Greening Project is one of many ways we are delivering on our promise of making Hong Kong a greener city. Our receipt of a Yahoo! Emotive Brand Award in the Corporate Conscience & Social Responsibility Category was a high praise for our efforts in greening our home. Please continue to support EPS and our EPS iDO Urban Greening Project in bringing you and your loved ones a greener place to live!

EPS wins at Metro Creative Award for 2013

EPS iDO 'You've got the Power' creative ad starring local celebrity, Charlene Choi has been awarded Best Creative Buy at the Metro Creative Awards 2013.

Metro Creative Awards consist of several categories that reward clients and creative agencies posting advertisements and promotions that have touched the hearts and minds of public voters.

The idea here was to remind consumers that by using EPS, they are joining us in planting native trees which would help to attract butterflies and birds that ultimately enrich Hong Kong's ecology. The eye-catching print ad used a special 'die-cut' design to grab readers' attention and inspire them to read the message inside. In terms of creativity, media buy strategy and execution, this creative ad was a hugely impactful and effective addition to the campaign.

EPS was awarded Apple Daily Advertising Award 2011

EPS Flower Pot print advertisement (Charlene Choi version) succeeded in winning a Gold in the Property, Finance, Insurance and Commercial Service Category of the Apple Daily Advertising Award 2011.

Apple Daily Advertising Award aims at recognizing the outstanding and creative print advertisements, with winners being jointly selected by a panel of judges and public voting.

In this print advertisement, the 'EPS seed' symbolizes EPS commitment to urban greening in the 'EPS-seed-flower pot' redemption program that encourages consumers to cultivate greener homes and also support EPS iDO Urban Greening Project. The stylish 'EPS-seed-flower pot' was designed by local trend leaders, Charlene Choi and Jan Lamb.

EPS was awarded HKAEE Wastewi$e Label - "Class of Excellence"

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) aim at encouraging organizations to adopt green management and innovations while the Wastewi$e Label recognizes organizations for reducing any waste they generate.

Apart from promoting our EPS iDO Urban Greening Project, EPS encourages staff to work in a green way, following the principle of 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our being awarded the HKAEE Wastewi$e Label - "Class of Excellence" recognized our success in reducing waste. EPS will continue to support environmental protection and do all we can to make Hong Kong a better place to live!