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EPS POS machine terminals provide you with a more economical way to run your business, helping you to reduce security and manpower costs. Join now!

POS Machine Terminals – EPS Hong Kong, An User Friendly Cashless System

EPS POS machine for your business takes care of several things at a time and helps you manage your business effectively.

POS terminals or Point of Sale terminals use hardware and software together to scan the items and then accept payments through cards without the retail store having to update their cash register directly to read cards. The trend is unique and quite contemporary from the usage of a traditional magnetic stripe reader because mobile payments have now become a thing.

Using an Electronic Cash Register (ECR) along with a Credit Card Terminal is slowly getting obsolete and your business must consider upgrading to a POS machine. You can get in touch with EPS Hong Kong and we will help you upgrade to POS terminals through a hassle-free process.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages that you would reap after having installed a POS machine.

1. Saves Time

One of the benefits of POS system is that it keeps a track of every item that goes out of your store. You know exactly how many items were sold in a day and how many are remaining on your shelf. Your employees don’t have to worry about creating an order for a product that needs to be re-stocked; the POS terminals take care of it. A customer looking forward to information on the availability of a product is done in no time. It also helps you in calculating taxes and defines margins of the products automatically. Overall the POS machine saves you a lot of time.

2. Generates Reports

Generating reports is a tedious process but at the same time important too. They help you understand where your business stands. A POS system helps you manage your reports efficiently. It generates reports automatically and provides you with the required information about your business statistics. You have different options to generate various reports. For instance:

Number of items sold

Most sold items


Time periods of sales


Employee sales

Store sales

3. Wider Option to Accept Payments

Having POS terminals gives your business the leverage to accept for types of payments. With the surge of smartphones and internet, people find it easy to scan and make payments rather than swipe their cards or give you cash. Some of the diverse payments that you can accept are through – mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, EMV chip cards and NFC, which is a contactless payment. Customers are attracted to stores that offer more modes of accepting payment. It not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the revenue of your business because of the augmented sales. POS terminals allow self-service also, especially for customers that are buying just a couple of items and like to pay quickly and go.

4. Improves Accuracy in Sales

Employees have to be very careful while using ECR’s as they could commit blunders during the check-out. POS machines remove such possible blunders making the sales process more accurate and quick. For instance, once an item is scanned the total of all the items is added and automatically displayed, unlike the ECR where you have to manually enter the quantity or the price sometimes. Another example is when the price of an item is updated it POS machine makes changes in the entire system. This way, the same updated price will reflect everywhere. Erroneous entries can consume a lot of time and with POS terminals in your business, all these issues are eliminated.

You no longer have to worry about running to the bank to deposit cash when you have POS terminals installed as they get transferred to the bank directly. Transactions through POS terminals are easy, safe and save you cost of manpower. Contact us and we at EPS will help you in installing POS machines for your business.